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Mr International Sos

Mr International Sos was born and raised in the multicultural melting pot of Miami FL. I grew up having to learn Spanish and made it a point to make friends from all across the world. My friends called me “more Latin that the Latinos”. Most Latins grow up in one country and I knew about the culture of dozens of Latin countries.

I lived a life full of embracing new cultures. Whether it was eating my favorite Nicaraguan fritanga, strolling through Calle Ochos’s festivals, or having a salsa dance at a quincinera. I learned about different cultures to understand their values, important issues, and how we could learn from each other.

At college I majored Psychology and Criminal Justice. I worked for several travel companies for a decade after college. This is perfect combination for what I do today. This expanded my travel passion by adding on years of advice from other travelers. I coached hundreds of travel agencies and travel advisors across the United States. But I still needed to experience things on my own like a local, so I traveled solo around the world living in places like Latin America and Asia.

I embraced Latin dancing and traveled across the globe dancing salsa and bachata. Being exposed to the good, the bad, and the ugly. I focus on being as financially savvy & time productive as possible. I do this by using technology and travel hacks. I’ve seen the worst level of poverty and crimes of desperation committed abroad. I’ve experienced dangerous situations like Peruvian kidnapping heists, Costa Rican robbers, Brazilian Favella rides, and much more. I’ve also received incredible kindness and hospitality you could only dream of.

I’ve walked the streets and lived with locals exploring amazing places you won’t find on guided tours. I’ve created systems and frameworks for getting the most out of your vacation.


Let’s talk about making not only your next trip – but EVERY trip you take the best it can be.

PS: I took a DNA test, and turns out – I’m Latino

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