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Unlock the Secrets to Stress-Free Travel. Discover Expert Tips, Security Solutions, and Unparalleled Savings for Your Dream Vacation!

What's worse than being held at knifepoint overseas with no help?
Or getting ripped off by overpaying for a hotel by 350%?


Getting sick to your stomach with food poisoning overseas isn’t fun. International scams and frauds can steal your money without you even knowing it. Getting from point A to B with limited transportation options? Communication is a huge pain if you don’t speak the local language and can’t read signs.


It's possible to avoid these issues by traveling smarter- like you're a local.

Imagine losing $7,935 on your meticulously planned vacation. Unfortunately, this happens too often in South America and beyond – especially without guidance. Just ask my friends who recently traveled there:

  • 1st friend: Their $1.6K iPhone stolen in Avenida Paulista.

  • 2nd friend: Their $5K necklace stolen while walking from the beach in Rio.

  • 3rd friend: Pickpocketed for $400 in cash and a $900 phone in a club.


None of them got hurt, but it absolutely sucked to lose their belongings. Each one called me, apologizing, saying: 'You were right, I should’ve listened to you'.

That's when it hit me – this problem affects everyone who wants a stress-free vacation while living their best lives. We work too hard to lose our hard-earned money by coming into a trip unprepared.


But fear not, because we've got your back.

I've experienced it all: from favela Uber rides to Peruvian kidnapping heists and Costa Rican robberies. I've not only protected people but also saved them 350% on hotel expenses per night and reclaimed 4 1/2 hours of extra time per day with my travel hacks. I don’t just help you stay safe and productive; I go way beyond that.

Most consultants have only read about places, but I've walked the very streets you want to travel. Get the most out of your vacation with a personalized call or ongoing expert support. We're here to ensure you get the greatest value out of your time spent overseas.

Now, imagine what you could do with an extra $7,935 on your next trip?

Mr International Sos Process


Fill out a pre-screen survey by clicking here or start right away with a consultation call

Strategic Plan

We customize a plan for you to best tackle your travel goals


We review our plan and give you life long applicable tips to save you time, money, and help protect yourself with international travel insight

Who We Help


Tired of the same family tours and countries? We take your family vacation to the next level


Want to travel as a couple, but have hesitations? Find travel clarity with Mr International SOS

Single Adventurers

Maximize your experience like a local and explore a new country the way you dreamed of


Is your company traveling internationally? Let us keep your team safe while they travel

What We Offer


You’ll receive a private consultation to craft a personalized travel plan

Ongoing support

You’ll receive the highest level of tailored support to travel as efficiently as possible

How Mr International Sos is different

Local Experience

Learn from a serial traveler and team who has been on the ground traveling in the area you want to go with a professional background in travel, hospitality, criminal justice, and psychology.

Current Information

Countries change every year. Many websites contain out-of-date information from the pre-pandemic era which may now be completely useless. We gather the best up-to-date information from personal experience and local professionals to make sure you hit the ground running.

Practical Solutions

We are about creating real results for real people based on facts. We promise an honest assessment of where you are at and what you need to do to improve your trip drastically.

Regional Approach

Most people have a strong preference towards a traveling to a particular country or city. We take an honest look at the entirety of your trip and goals to craft the best possible travel advice.

Image by Natalya Zaritskaya

Embark on Your Journey Today

Ready to explore the world? Whether you seek exotic destinations, thrilling adventures, or peaceful retreats, our team is here to make your travel dreams come true. From tailored itineraries to insider tips, we've got you covered.

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